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Different types of sampling you need to know before kick-starting the actual production.

Different types of sampling you need to know before kick-starting the actual production.

Before the garment goes into successful production there are multiple stages involved. Every stage has a vital role and none of the steps can be taken for granted. These steps involve crucial things including sample making, adjusting, and testing.

Before the actual production, you might go for sampling. It could be astonishing to note that even sampling has different stages and types of sampling.

The first initial stage:- In this phase, the manufacturer first understands the client's needs, does the initial design, and finally makes the pattern.

The second stage: - When the sample is all set and ready, the manufacturer thoroughly analyses the cost, quantities that could go into production under one lot.

Third, the quality check stage: - Though this is the last but considered to be a very crucial step. Here in the manufacturer will keep a check on the quality and consistency.

In order to save the cost, the procurement team should also know the different types of samples and according to the needs the samples that need to be chosen.

  1. Mesh cloth or Mock sample: - Sometimes it is very difficult for designers to represent the ideas on the sheet so they do drawings on the mesh cloth. This idea is only required to check the quality of the garment.
  2. Development sample:- In this style of sampling, the manufacturers will go through the sketches or technical specifications that are given by the clients. In this sampling, the notion behind is to check on the illustrations and other details like style and design authentication. In this development sample, the manufacturer doesn’t go with any kind of specific sample.
  3. 3D sample: - The digital representation could bring on the company’s sample making the cost to half. It could bring on the notion that how a product will look after final making. In the future, it will reduce the approval timings.
  4. Fit Samples: - In this style, the only requirement that the manufacturer will have is to give the exact size and any design will be made accordingly.
  5. GPT samples:  These samples are given to check on the quality parameters like checking on cloth strength, durability, color quality, wash fastness, and various other tests.
  6. Pre- Production samples: - As the name suggests these samples go up before production. Actual fabrics are taken up before production; generally, they are done to look for designs and trims. If the measurements are proper, embroideries are accurate and washing parameters.
  7. Sealed sample:- Before the bulk work is assigned to any individual, the quality control inspector monitors the stuff. If the work is approved then colors like golden are given an indication and red color means stopping of productions. The bulk work can be conveyed in the factories as per the approval of sealed samples.
  8. Top of production sample:- According to the approved sample when the work is carried on in the factories, the quality manager comes to inspect the site. In this step, the checks are done to see if the quality is maintained as per the samples and even thorough checks are done on the quality of packaging.
  9. Shipment samples:- After the products are packed and out for delivery, the companies keep some of the samples behind. This is done to ensure that the product is right and packaging is done at the right parameters. Many of the manufacturers only approve shipping if the products pass the sampling tests.
  10. Media samples:- They are actually taken out from the actual orders and then in the later stage they are used in different sorts of promotional activities. They are used for photographing other sorts of marketing activities like e-commerce, lookbook, etc.

How do I get my clothing designs made?

Read through FAQs for detailed process


Blueprint, Designs & Tech Packs

It all starts with you providing us with a blueprint of your clothing idea. It details out everything related from fabric & design construction to packaging of finished garments.


Pattern & Sample Making

After finalization of tech packs, we make a prototype of your clothing design which confirms mainly the fitting, stitching quality and design.


Sample Approval & Pattern Grading

If the sample received by you is perfect, then we proceed further grading different sizes. If not, redevelopment of the sample takes place as per your amendments.


Approval for Bulk Production

Bulk production is the final step inside our clothing factory. The lead time usually is around 30 - 45 days depending upon the design complexity of the order.


Dispatch, Logistics & Reorder

Your clothing products are exported in a water resistant sealed packaging. We also arrange door-to-door delivery via air or sea.

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