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How to do procurement of clothing at the best prices from manufacturers

How to do procurement of apparels at the best prices from clothing manufacturers?

When you are ready with your batch of fresh and innovative designs, the next step that you will look forward to is to have manufacturers on board. When it comes to short listing the best, the first question that will trigger you is how much it is cost me? Be set with the designs; the next step you would do is taking quotations, setting up budgets and deadlines to manufacture each of these products. In your price quotation strategy if you follow some basic and easy things then your journey with the help of reputed manufacturers will be easier and faster, some of the basic tips are as follows:-

1. Have your things charts sorted: - Step by step executions makes work easier. Have things ready like product fair sketches, colors specifications, list of the sizes that are needed for production. Don’t forget if any branding work or embellishments is detailing. Pre-determining the quantity as well helps keep up the cost control.

2. Keeping up the backup chart of suppliers handy: - A thorough market research is important before getting into the exact deal. When you get choices it makes it easy to understand the real prices. Even this step would be helpful to get your things according to your size. To add on further you could even make a list of top suppliers and shortlist on to top ones; this will allow you to understand the scope of workings.

3. Deciding over the Minimum order quantity:- As long as the deal is not profitable for manufacturers they will not produce the goods. Don’t forget to discuss with them the number of colors, sizes, or the minimum quantity per fabric.

4. Getting the right cost and timelines:- To clear the air and help you to decide over the budgets, the manufacturers or suppliers should give you the right price quotations. Manufacturers determine this cost based on the fabric, labor efforts, and considering the cost of transportations to destinations. People are always in the hunt for newer things therefore in every business deadlines are important. If the deadlines are skipped then there are chances where the client will reach out to some other person.

5. Following up with your orders and requests:- There are high-end chances where manufacturers may have lots of work. Keeping up regular follow-up will help your things produce faster. Keep checking on the delivery dates and mode of transportation the manufacturer will be using. To get your goods right, always ask your manufacturers to do quality checks and also know about the transportation insurance.

6. Be specific with your needs to suppliers or manufacturers: - Yes! it is certainly important to point out your concerns and be specific with your needs. When you go for producing goods, Remain on the point and pass on information only as much as required, don’t bind in too much information.

Best results will surely make their way if you have strategically planned things and précised with your needs.

How do I get my clothing designs made?

Read through FAQs for detailed process


Blueprint, Designs & Tech Packs

It all starts with you providing us with a blueprint of your clothing idea. It details out everything related from fabric & design construction to packaging of finished garments.


Pattern & Sample Making

After finalization of tech packs, we make a prototype of your clothing design which confirms mainly the fitting, stitching quality and design.


Sample Approval & Pattern Grading

If the sample received by you is perfect, then we proceed further grading different sizes. If not, redevelopment of the sample takes place as per your amendments.


Approval for Bulk Production

Bulk production is the final step inside our clothing factory. The lead time usually is around 30 - 45 days depending upon the design complexity of the order.


Dispatch, Logistics & Reorder

Your clothing products are exported in a water resistant sealed packaging. We also arrange door-to-door delivery via air or sea.

Looking for best clothing manufacturer from India?

Trusted Clothing Manufacturer in India

Finding a perfect clothing manufacturer could be a hectic task. Right from choosing the best supplier from the List of clothing manufacturers to getting the final clothes custom cleared and door delivered can give an exhausting experience. This is where VARIATION DESIGN comes in picture; a trusted partner for your custom clothing manufacturing requirements as we are a complete solution for all your garment manufacturing needs.


1. High Quality — you can find a lot of clothing manufacturers online however, the quality may not be equivalent to what VARIATION DESIGN works on. As a high quality clothing manufacturer, We do not compromise on the design, yarn, dyeing, printing, stitching, packaging or quality control. The machines that we use for processing any segment of the whole garment manufacturing process are state-of-the-art with high precision and efficiency.

2. Low MOQs — we are a perfect fit even if you are looking for a Small order clothing manufacturers as we do keep various fabric stock ready in-house at all times. This makes it possible for us to deliver you small quality and high quality orders.

3. Affordable Pricing — we offer best pricing and value for money work, we do not compromise with quality to reduce the price, that’s why we always say our prices will be affordable not lowest.

4. Latest Designs — we spend quality time on research and development of design. We study the market trends and follow the customer need and come up with latest designs.

5. End-to-end Logistics — we have a tie-up with major logistic partners such as DHL, TNT, FedEx to manage the logistics of our apparel.

We could be your trusted and dedicated private label clothing manufacturer from India. Contact us for more details.