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How to choose manufacturers while getting into clothing business?

How to choose manufacturers while getting into clothing business?

Converting fabric into readymade garments in itself is beautiful processes. Carefully operations and strategies are planned in the clothing manufacturing. The prices of the garments generally vary on the workers efforts; time spent and type of equipments used in the making of the fabric. When we talk about the garment it is always the quality that matters the most.

The most important or the key element of apparel manufacturing is production planning. Herein the personnel’s of the company see to it that there is maximum efficiency. The sub production sees to it the production planning, checking availability, checking time frames, confirming delivery date with the client and managing departments.

Cloth Manufacturers go above edge then just cut make and trim

Cut, make and trim manufacturers are often called as CMT manufacturers. Whether there are small orders or huge bulk orders, manufacturers now a days are keen to deliver quality with that extra mile. To give the best of finish in the clothing, latest machineries are being used. In order to ensure the best of the product delivered everything is taken into consideration with the finest precision like the labels, size, fit, stitch etc. Perfect planned specifications sheets are made and when all the raw material requirements are completed then only the products are taken up for the production.

How the production of the garment takes place?

At the first stage here the fabric will be first trimmed as per the technical specifications. In the later stage according to the stitches requirements the garments will be stitched together. The references of the grading sheet will be taken in order to do fittings as per the sizes concept. When everything is done there is thorough quality check to ensure that all the quality parameters of the clients are met. A detailed effort is done for cutting and sewing is done.

What is the perception of FPP clothing manufacturers?

Generally the FPP clothing manufacturers are there in every step right from the initial designs, fabric sourcing and then after constructing of final product. When the FPP is concerned there is inclusion of crucial steps like product development, pattern making, and fabric sourcing, cutting, trimming and sewing. The FPP manufacturers ideally could be helpful to people who are willing to start up their own chain of business.

MOQ clothing manufacturers and the Mass production manufacturers.

MOQ generally refers to the minimum order quantity. Generally these segment people like to work with the younger and in turn building a good rapport with the customers. In the lieu of big or bulk manufacturers the MOQ Clothing manufacturers are harder to find online. Generally the manufacturers associated with minimum order quantities do work with the new brands. In the MOQ the time frames are usually longer. The mass production manufacturers generally like to work with bigger brands and speed is everything when it comes to mass production.

How to search right kind of manufacturers for clothing business?

Presetting the scope and goal of the work and timelines is highly important. Be determined with your needs and be self explanatory before placing up the orders to the manufacturers.

How do I get my clothing designs made?

Read through FAQs for detailed process


Blueprint, Designs & Tech Packs

It all starts with you providing us with a blueprint of your clothing idea. It details out everything related from fabric & design construction to packaging of finished garments.


Pattern & Sample Making

After finalization of tech packs, we make a prototype of your clothing design which confirms mainly the fitting, stitching quality and design.


Sample Approval & Pattern Grading

If the sample received by you is perfect, then we proceed further grading different sizes. If not, redevelopment of the sample takes place as per your amendments.


Approval for Bulk Production

Bulk production is the final step inside our clothing factory. The lead time usually is around 30 - 45 days depending upon the design complexity of the order.


Dispatch, Logistics & Reorder

Your clothing products are exported in a water resistant sealed packaging. We also arrange door-to-door delivery via air or sea.

Looking for best clothing manufacturer from India?

Trusted Clothing Manufacturer in India

Finding a perfect clothing manufacturer could be a hectic task. Right from choosing the best supplier from the List of clothing manufacturers to getting the final clothes custom cleared and door delivered can give an exhausting experience. This is where VARIATION DESIGN comes in picture; a trusted partner for your custom clothing manufacturing requirements as we are a complete solution for all your garment manufacturing needs.


1. High Quality — you can find a lot of clothing manufacturers online however, the quality may not be equivalent to what VARIATION DESIGN works on. As a high quality clothing manufacturer, We do not compromise on the design, yarn, dyeing, printing, stitching, packaging or quality control. The machines that we use for processing any segment of the whole garment manufacturing process are state-of-the-art with high precision and efficiency.

2. Low MOQs — we are a perfect fit even if you are looking for a Small order clothing manufacturers as we do keep various fabric stock ready in-house at all times. This makes it possible for us to deliver you small quality and high quality orders.

3. Affordable Pricing — we offer best pricing and value for money work, we do not compromise with quality to reduce the price, that’s why we always say our prices will be affordable not lowest.

4. Latest Designs — we spend quality time on research and development of design. We study the market trends and follow the customer need and come up with latest designs.

5. End-to-end Logistics — we have a tie-up with major logistic partners such as DHL, TNT, FedEx to manage the logistics of our apparel.

We could be your trusted and dedicated private label clothing manufacturer from India. Contact us for more details.