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Anarkali Suits

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Latest Anarkali Suits Online

Indian festivals and gorgeously designed Anarkali suits go hand-in-hand. Women like you, adore them for they grant you opportunities to make a marvellous fashion statement wherever you go. You look so charmingly captivating in your Anarkali salwar kameez that the males will immediately ‘label’ you. They may conclude that you look marvellously sexy, elegant and graceful, or bold and beautiful!

Celebratory Occasions

Navratri, Diwali, Pooja, weddings and functions are all about glitter and shine, along with wine and dine! You cannot have a better reason to show off your readymade Anarkali dress than this. The rhythm of your twinkling feet will match perfectly with the dancing beads and gleaming sequins on your well-fitting bodice and the whirls and twirls of the flared skirt. Your cup of joy is full as you look and feel exactly like Miss World!

Bollywood Anarkalis

Shop to your heart’s content by perusing the plethora of replicas of latest designer Anarkali suits worn by our very own vivacious Bollywood beauties. The Bollywood Anarkali suits come with matching accessories and jewellery. What more could you ask for? You might just make beating hearts come to a sudden standstill as people watch a magically ethereal and bewitching fairy walk into the room! You even display the Bollywood poise and polish.

Monsoon Magic

Look alive and vital even in the pouring rain, by donning a tight-fitting churidar paired with a knee-length kameez. If you are ultra-modern, opt for a pencil churidar that clings lovingly to your well-shaped legs. The vibrant colours and gorgeous design of your Anarkali dress will serve to bring a happy smile on even the gloomiest of faces. You will definitely feel comfortable in your layered dress patterned from soft chiffon, glamorous net, resplendent georgette or beautiful viscose.

Your age, height and weight do not matter. Anarkali salwar suits are just for YOU.

Designer Anarkali Dresses

If there is one trend that has taken over the traditional and ethnic dressing segment, it is the gorgeous anarkali style salwar suit. From high fashion runway models, Bollywood celebrities to every fashionable woman, Anarkali suits are a hot favorite that are reigning wardrobes currently.

Anarkali dresses hold their origin in the long lost era of the Mughal Empire. While it faded from the fashion scene a few years ago, it has made its comeback with a splash. Even with an age old design, modern designers have upgraded it with stunning fabrics, patterns and embellishments that can make every woman the belle of the ball. Ethnic, fashionable, fun and feminine, Anarkali suit can only exemplify your beauty.

There are many styles of anarkali dress. Take a look at some of our favorite ones and then you can decide which one appeals to you most.

Bridal Anarkali Suits

To suit the grand and important occasion, bridal anarkali suits are decked up with embellishments, lush fabrics and beautiful drapes. They usually also have lace embroidery, stones or zari work to make the outfit look richer and more luxurious.

Cotton Anarkali Salwar Kameez

Anarkali salwar suits work well for all body types. The design lengthens the frame making it a great option if you are petite, and it also hides problem areas in case you are conscious about a particular body part. So it works as a great summer wear option when made of cotton fabric. The fabric is absorbent and keeps you cool in the hot months. In pleasant and pastel colours, it works as a refreshing fashion statement.

Party Wear Anarkali Dresses

Vibrant colours, stunning cuts and an eye catching silhouette make for a wonderful party wear style of anarkali dresses. These are usually decorated with detailed embroidery and embellishments and come in lovely colours and patterns.

Silk Anarkali Suit

When you have a wedding to attend, and want to look your beautiful best for the occasion, opt for a heavy silk anarkali salwar kameez. This offers a very sophisticated and distinguished look which is perfect for the joyous, festive and regal occasion.

Anarkali churidar come in various materials like chiffon, georgette, silk, lace, cotton etc. You can choose what works best for you depending on the occasion. With this versatile style everyone can look great in ethnic Indian wear.

At Variation, we have a large variety of styles for you to choose from. Our exclusive range of anarkali suits is designed to give you something for every occasion at prices which are perfect for your pocket. We have a portfolio of styles that are well suited to the needs and tastes of the 21st generation. So whether you need to get dressed for a wedding, an office party, a formal meeting or just want a simple look for the day, choose from our vast collection of anarkali dresses and look your best every day.

Floor Length Anarkali Suits

Floor Length Anarkali suits are hip and trendy. They are here to stay now and forever. Be it day or night, the fall in these suits sweep a sense of royalty. Embellished jacketswith the long Anarakalis prep-up the style quotient

A Line Anarkali Suits

Anarkali with long straight lines-like design reflects a beautiful look of the wearer. Vertical lines or patterns are famous for giving a slender look. So if you belong to the bulky category, then, this type of Anarkali will help you grab a lean look. To add a bit of an oomph factor, reach out for an Anarkali with half bodied adornments and the flair of the kalis consisting of the line pattern designs.

Layered Anarkali Dresses

Looking for some drool factor! Layered Anarkali have emerged as the superstars of today’s times. The season’s fresh looks- lehenga/skirt or a palazzo bottoms with Anarkali tops. Perfect style for the pick and choose women. Contrasting colors, flair or no flair, net, shimmer, velvet, georgettes- you can get this done in all your nicks and knacks.

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