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Custom Clothing Manufacturer from India

Ethical Clothing Manufacturing

We deploy systems for improving social, environmental and economic sectors as they affect the lives of our customers, communities and employees.
  • No debt-bonded labour

We are against the bonded or forced labour & we ensure none of our labour contractors are in such practices.

No debt-bonded labour
  • Women Empowerment

Majority of your clothing products are finished, steam pressed & packed by highly skilled women.

Women Empowerment
  • Minimum CO2 Footprint

Minimum use of resources at all stages & steps of supply chain to ensure reductions in direct or indirect carbon emissions.

Minimum CO2 Footprint
  • Green Workplace

Shutting down the lights when not required, recycling, least wastage etc are some of the initiatives taken on field.

Green Workplace
  • Ethical Hiring & Standards

We firmly believe that beautiful products can only be made by people who are satisfied internally and thus we involve our workers in making decisions that help them being more productive

Ethical Hiring & Standards
  • No Discrimination

Employment conditions are based on an individual’s ability to perform the particular task irrespective of the person’s gender, origin or religion.

No Discrimination
  • Health & Safety

Emphasis are given to safer factory day-to-day operations and facilities to achieve less than 1 percent work related accidents or injuries.

Health & Safety