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Custom Clothing Manufacturer from India

Black A-line Dress with Ruffle Sleeves

Rs. 1,499.00 Rs. 3,799.00
SKU: ER10051_S
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Black A-line Dress with Ruffle Sleeves - S is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

No hue in the entire colour palette matches the majestic magnificence of mystic black. This A-line dress by Variation emanates gorgeousness. The symmetrical fall of this monochrome ensemble descends to a sophisticated length. Embellishment in the form of ruffle pattern on the full-length sleeves adds a unique dynamism to it. Button closure on the flip side of this ensemble ensures a snug fit. This dress conceals and reveals in a perfect blend and weaves a rare magic that has the potency to leave people spellbound!