Heart-shaped 11.01 ct. CVD diamond from IGI Certified lab, F color, VS1 clarity.
Exquisite 11.01 CT Heart-Cut Lab-Grown Diamond | IGI Certified | VS1 Clarity | F Color

Exquisite 11.01 CT Heart-Cut Lab-Grown Diamond | IGI Certified | VS1 Clarity | F Color


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Introducing the Stunning Heart-Shaped CVD Diamond from IGI Certified Lab

  • Type: CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition)
  • Lab Certification: IGI Certified, ensuring authenticity and quality assurance
  • Shape: Exquisite Heart shape, symbolizing love and passion
  • Carat Weight: A substantial 11.01 carats, making it a captivating centerpiece
  • Color Grade: F (Colorless), reflecting purity and brilliance
  • Clarity: VS1 (Very Slightly Included), guaranteeing exceptional clarity and sparkle
  • Polish: Excellent (EX), meticulously crafted for a flawless surface and maximum light reflection
  • Symmetry: Excellent (EX), ensuring perfect alignment of facets for optimal beauty
  • Fluorescence: None, preserving its natural beauty without any artificial effects
  • Measurements: 15.62 * 13.82 * 8.90 MM, showcasing a sizable yet elegant presence
  • Average Diameter/Ratio: 0.88, highlighting a balanced and harmonious shape
  • Depth: 57.00, contributing to its ideal proportions for brilliance and fire
  • Table Percentage: 64.50%, offering a spacious top facet for light play and dispersion
  • Shade: None, revealing its pure and unblemished appearance

Elevate your jewelry collection with this extraordinary Heart-shaped CVD diamond, a timeless masterpiece of unparalleled beauty and sophistication.

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