1.95 CT Princess Cut Lab-Grown Diamond, IGI Certified, E Color, VS2 Clarity
Princess Cut Lab-Grown Diamond - 1.95 CT, IGI Certified, VS2/E Color

Princess Cut Lab-Grown Diamond - 1.95 CT, IGI Certified, VS2/E Color


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Discover the elegance and brilliance of our IGI Certified Princess Cut Lab-Grown Diamond, created using the CVD method. This stunning diamond is perfect for creating a sophisticated and timeless jewelry piece.

  • Type: CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition)
  • Certification: IGI Certified
  • Shape: Princess
  • Carat Weight: 1.95 ct
  • Color Grade: E (Colorless)
  • Clarity: VS2 (Very Slightly Included)
  • Polish: Excellent (EX)
  • Symmetry: Excellent (EX)
  • Measurements: 6.68 x 6.92 x 4.90 MM
  • Average Diameter/Ratio: 1.04
  • Depth Percentage: 73.40%
  • Table Percentage: 69.00%
  • Shade: None

Key Features:

  • Princess Cut Brilliance: The princess cut offers a modern and sophisticated look with exceptional brilliance and fire.
  • Colorless E Color Grade: Enhances the diamond's sparkle and allows it to stand out in any setting.
  • VS2 Clarity: Very slight inclusions that are difficult to detect under 10x magnification ensure a clear and stunning appearance.
  • Expert Polish and Symmetry: Excellent polish and symmetry maximize light reflection, enhancing the diamond's overall beauty.
  • Precise Measurements: Carefully measured dimensions ensure a well-proportioned and balanced appearance, perfect for luxurious jewelry designs.
  • IGI Certification: Certified by IGI, a respected gemological laboratory, ensuring the diamond's quality and authenticity.

Elevate your jewelry collection with this princess cut lab-grown diamond, combining superior craftsmanship with ethical sourcing for a truly exquisite piece.

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