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How to Drape a Saree in 3 Unique Ways

How to Drape a Saree in 3 Unique Ways 1

Worried? how to wear a saree?

Lets find out unique and innovative styles of saree draping that are trending at the moment.

how to drape a saree

Traditionally Indian, the saree is one of the most elegant styles a woman can wear. With the flowing drapes and the form-fitting shapes, it makes the wearer look sophisticated, sensuous and absolutely stunning. A saree has always been an integral part of our culture and heritage and now celebrities, models and designers are also making it the latest trend by taking it to red carpets and runways. In earlier times, women wore the saree in one or two specific ways. But over time, this gorgeous piece of fashion has evolved and now is worn in new and interesting ways. Let’s take a look at some of the innovative new styles of saree draping in vogue today. Variation brings to you 3 unique and trending saree draping styles. Check them out now!

1. How to wear a saree in Nivi Saree Drape method?

This is the closest drape to the conventional saree wearing style. However, this style puts a lot of emphasis on showing off the borders of the saree. It is elegantly clipped onto the shoulder and the border is made elaborate and visible. This twist on a traditional style is favoured by many celebrities like Sonam Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra. To wear this style, drape your saree as usual, and make sure that the borders are clearly visible. When throwing the drape over your shoulder, pleat the fabric in such a way that the front bodice displays the thick border and then pin it up at your shoulder. Try opting for a saree with thick and contrasting borders to make the Nivi drape look even more dynamic.

2. How to wear saree in inverted border saree draping?

This style became all the rage when Deepika Padukone sported it to show off her stunning figure in a blue saree in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. It is a simple yet sensual look with a keen innovative styling sense. And it is wonderfully easy to do. This drape highlights the beautiful curves of a woman’s body while keeping the entire look very high-fashion. All you need is a saree with a thick top border and a frilly outer border. To drape this style, start wearing the saree as normal and tuck in the pleats. Then, hold the saree at the edge right where the pleats end and twist the top border inwards. Hold this edge and unevenly gather the saree near the hip so that there are creases and then take it behind your waist and throw the drape across your shoulder.

3. Mumtaz Saree Drape / How to wear saree Mumtaz style?

As the name suggests, this drape was made famous by the beautiful yesteryear actress, Mumtaz. The drape appears in tiers creating a layered border effect along the lower bodice of the saree. The wrap around effect makes it a fun style that is ideal as evening party wear. Start by draping the saree around your waist. Then make two 5 inch pleats and tuck them in on the left side. Pick up the longer edge from the centre pleat and wrap all the way around the back from the left and bring it to the right side of the waist. Now tuck it about 6 inches above the toe length of the saree. Follow the same till you make two or three layers. Then drape it around the back and throw it over your left shoulder. Adjust it so that the front drape is more fitted than usual and then pin it into place.

The key to looking your best in a saree is to ensure that you are completely comfortable. Try mixing and matching draping styles or come up with one of your own to feel most at ease. When you are comfortable in your style, you are sure to look great and have all eyes on you when you sashay into any room wearing this incredibly versatile apparel.





20 Latest Designer Anarkali Suits Online at Guranteed Best Price

20 Latest Designer Anarkali Suits Online at Guranteed Best Price 1

Take a look at 20 latest and amazing designer anarkali suits available online. Now, look trendy and comfortable with Variation's stunning collection of anarkali dresses.
If there is one trend that has taken over the traditional and ethnic dressing segment, it is the gorgeous anarkali style salwar suit. From high fashion runway models, Bollywood celebrities to every fashionable woman, Anarkali suits are a hot favorite that are reigning wardrobes currently.

Anarkali dresses hold their origin in the long lost era of the Mughal Empire. While it faded from the fashion scene a few years ago, it has made its comeback with a splash. Even with an age old design, modern designers have upgraded it with stunning fabrics, patterns and embellishments that can make every woman the belle of the ball. Ethnic, fashionable, fun and feminine, Anarkali suit can only exemplify your beauty.

There are many styles of anarkali dress. Take a look at some of our favorite ones and then you can decide which one appeals to you most.

Bridal Anarkali Suits

To suit the grand and important occasion, bridal anarkali suits are decked up with embellishments, lush fabrics and beautiful drapes. They usually also have lace embroidery, stones or zari work to make the outfit look richer and more luxurious.

anarkali dress anarkali dresses

anarkali salwar kameez bridal anarkali salwar suits

Cotton Anarkali Salwar Suits

Anarkali salwar suits work well for all body types. The design lengthens the frame making it a great option if you are petite, and it also hides problem areas in case you are conscious about a particular body part. So it works as a great summer wear option when made of cotton fabric. The fabric is absorbent and keeps you cool in the hot months. In pleasant and pastel colours, it works as a refreshing fashion statement.

designer suits heavy anarkalis wedding anarkalis long anarkalis

Party Wear Anarkali Dresses

Vibrant colours, stunning cuts and an eye catching silhouette make for a wonderful party wear style of anarkali dresses. These are usually decorated with detailed embroidery and embellishments and come in lovely colours and patterns.

party wear anarkali suits anarkali dresses best anarkalis new anarkali salwar

Heavy Silk Anarkali Salwar Kameez

When you have a wedding to attend, and want to look your beautiful best for the occasion, opt for a heavy silk anarkali salwar kameez. This offers a very sophisticated and distinguished look which is perfect for the joyous, festive and regal occasion.

red anarkali green anarkali blue anarkali bollywood anarkali dress

Anarkali churidar come in various materials like chiffon, georgette, silk, lace, cotton etc. You can choose what works best for you depending on the occasion. With this versatile style everyone can look great in ethnic Indian wear.

We are Variation, offer a whole host of traditional wear in the best styles, designs and fabrics to give you the best of fashion every day.

At Variation, we have a large variety of styles for you to choose from. Our exclusive range of anarkali suits is designed to give you something for every occasion at prices which are perfect for your pocket. We have a portfolio of styles that are well suited to the needs and tastes of the 21st generation. So whether you need to get dressed for a wedding, an office party, a formal meeting or just want a simple look for the day, choose from our vast collection of anarkali dresses and look your best every day.

white anarkali suits pink anarkali suits sky blue anarkali dressanarkali suits

Top 20 Designer Bridal Lehenga Choli for Indian Wedding

Top 20 Designer Bridal Lehenga Choli for Indian Wedding 2

Take a pick from these 20 ravishing and stunning designer bridal lehenga and lehenga sarees. Look stylish on the wedding day!

One of the most favored styles of brides is the beautiful lehenga choli. Big flared skirts, long flowing drapes and beautiful, form fitting blouses are the ingredients to choosing the perfect bridal look. With wedding season right around the corner, it’s time to start planning to find the perfect outfit that will make you dazzle on your special day. Whether you are looking for something simple, something extravagant or something utterly glamorous, choosing the right lehenga style for yourself is very important. Take a look at some of the most popular lehenga trends at Variation Fashion and find the one that suits you most.

1. Ballroom Style Lehenga

The traditional style of the lehenga choli has seen a transformation in recent times with the ghagra skirt resembling the form of a ballroom gown. With a bigger flare and more elaborate forms, the umbrella style skirt will make you the belle of the ball. This style starts at the waist, baring the midriff to show off a lean form, and has a short blouse which is decked up to create the illusion of a beautiful ballroom gown shape.

2. Printed Lehengas

From simplistic to eclectic prints, designers have infused a lot of energy and spirit into fashion with stylish printed lehengas. Sometimes these printed styles also include stunning mirror work which highlights the various prints and patterns on the fabric.

3. Floral Lehenga Choli

One of the biggest trends of this year is the floral lehenga style. Mixing and matching floral prints on blouses and lehenga skirts, this style lends certain romanticism into the fashion scene. Pastel coloured hues mixed with bold floral patterns is a trend that is definitely here to stay.

4. Multi-hued Designer Lehenga

Lehengas in dual shades are all the rage these days. With contrasting shades of the lehenga skirt and the dupatta, this creates an eye-catching effect which will only highlight the bridal glow on your wedding day.

5. Monochrome Bridal Lehenga Choli

An alternative style that is also taking the bridal world by storm is the monochrome lehenga. Skirts and blouses in the same shade and with similar patterns, create a beautiful visual effect and enhances bridal beauty. This style can be teamed up with beautiful and elaborate jewellery as the lehenga style itself is fairly subdued.

6. Pastels Lehenga

For those who want a beautiful, ethereal and feminine style on their wedding day, pastel shades are the way to go. Pastel colours in pinks, greens, blues and cream are wonderful options to style yourself in a bridal look. Pastel lehengas work well with bold, printed dupattas and make a fantastic fashion statement.

7. Gold Toned Wedding Lehenga

Gold and weddings are just the perfect combination. No one can go wrong with a beautiful gold toned lehenga as part of the bridal trousseau. It lends a royal and mesmerising radiance to your overall look and is sure to enthral the crowd with your bridal beauty.

The choices of lehengas are endless; ultimately it depends on your preference of style. From lehenga cholis to lehenga sarees, you have a bountiful of options here at Variation Fashion. Pick the style that you love the most and let the gorgeous fabrics drape you to look your best on your special day.



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Elegant Anarkali Suits To Flaunt This Navratri

Elegant Anarkali Suits To Flaunt This Navratri 0

It’s Navratri!! The Pooja ceremony, Golu set-up and the Dandiya, Garba dance events.  The festival where celebrations span over a period of ten days and nine nights.Acknowledge my Indian roots or my colorful household;I have always hadzillion options to choose from. With multiple colors and distinct styles,festivalsalways meant dressing up in different hues and shades. Justifying to my personality and inspired by the vibrant traditions- the famousAnarkalisuits are going to be my go-to for this season.

For most of us, the women folk- Navratri doesn’t equate only to festivities, colors and fasting. It is the beautiful time of the year where the nine nights demands nine outfits. When each day of the celebrations has its own significant color associated with it, let’s dig in and check out some the most dignified Anarkali suits to rock this Navratri in style.

Anarkali Suits have a something for everyone- You belong to the tall crew- Lucky ducky! You are good enough to whip out any style of latest and trendy Anarkali. The junta of the petite crowd get a lot of options to play around. From contrasting colors to the flair of the kalis, you will be a dapper in almost everything.

The maximum ground work goes into finding the best that suits your style. Trust me, once you jot down your best assets,all you need is to get into a beautiful Anarkalifor the ultimate festive look.


  • Floor Length Anarkali Suits

Floor Length Anarkali suits are hip and trendy. They are here to stay now and forever. Be it day or night, the fall in these suits sweep a sense of royalty. Embellished jacketswith the long Anarakalis prep-up the style quotient.

     anarkali suitsanarkali suitsanarkali suitsanarkali suitsanarkali dress

    • A Line Anarkali Suits

    Anarkali with long straight lines-like design reflects a beautiful look of the wearer. Vertical lines or patterns are famous for giving a slender look. So if you belong to the bulky category, then, this type of Anarkali will help you grab a lean look. To add a bit of an oomph factor, reach out for an Anarkali with half bodied adornments and the flair of the kalis consisting of the line pattern designs.

       anarkalisanarkali dressesanarkali suitanarkali suits

      • Layered Anarkali Dresses

      Looking for some drool factor! Layered Anarkali have emerged as the superstars of today’s times. The season’s fresh looks- lehenga/skirt or a palazzo bottoms with Anarkali tops. Perfect style for the pick and choose women. Contrasting colors, flair or no flair, net, shimmer, velvet, georgettes- you can get this done in all your nicks and knacks.

         long anarkali suitsankle length suits anarkali suits

        • You love the concept of Anarkali suits. But, hate the glitz and glamour of the stones, shimmers on them. You are somebody who is on a look out for an Anarkali suit that would tick all the boxes on the list- chic, sexy and classy. Shoo away your long faces,check out the new printed style Anarkali suits. With the right charismatic factor and comfort of all the worlds. Not so far on the list are the asymmetrical suits which pair-up with multifarious bottoms.

        anarkali suitsanarkalisanarkali dressanarkalisdesigner anarkalisanarkalis

        This is our voice and opinion on Anarkalis. After the read, you would know exactly what to do with these suits during Navratri and even after the festivities are over. No, don’t let it rot in the cupboard- Asymmetrical Anarkali can replace the gowns, the palazzo will team up with the t-shirts. How does that sound?

        anarkali gownplazzo

        Go ahead pretties! Grab the best one!

        5 Must Have Indian Wedding Jewellery Pieces

        5 Must Have Indian Wedding Jewellery Pieces 0

        It is believed that a woman looks the prettiest on her wedding day. Her glowing skin, beautiful eyes, the smile that says a lot more without even uttering a word, the coyest smile in the stunning bridal outfit and the shine, that of brand new jewellery! This is how an Indian bride is defined. The most important thing on her wedding-day is the decoration she wears around her neck, the danglings of her ears, thetrinklets of her feet and the chirpiness of her hands. It may be just one neckpiece and earrings instead of all the jewellery from her treasure trove, but it's still impactful.


        The influence of jewellery and other precious adornments is ample throughout history – as evident in ancient scriptures or images of deities. These precious objects are not just a symbol of pride but are also a symbol of our rich Indian traditions and cultural heritage. Often given to women as gifts on various auspicious occasions, some items of jewellery also assume cultural, traditional, mythological and sometimes, scientific significance.


        Bridal jewellery has come a long way. With the option of customization or reviving the old world charm, these days one can see a comeback of old trends, fusion of old world and new world and latest-chic styles in bridal jewellery.


        Let’s take a look at 5 must-have Indian wedding jewellery pieces that the discerning brides of today opting for.


        Crown style maang tikka:

        Mesmerizing, royal and enchanting, a maang tikka is an essential jewel piece for an Indian bride. This year, it gets an amazing twist though. Chunky, crown like maang tikkas are in fashion. So, if the bride isn’t much interested in the classic mang tikka look, then, it is recommended that she grabs her necklace and transforms it into a crown style tikka. What a brilliant headgear!

        indian jewelleryindian jewellery

        Double to multi-stranded necklace:

        Often seen in paintings of the royal English, Victorian designs with their intricate cuts and traditional motifs can look stunning on Indian-wear. But for a bride, a dimond or a pearl multi-strand may just look a bit more festive and vintage at the same time. Even a gold beads based three strand necklace of the sorts with a delicate look of antique sparkle can play to the strengths of much in-vogue – ‘layered looks’ on a traditional bridal lehenga!

        Indian jewelleryIndian jewellery


        Be it a Dogri or a traditional peacock design jhumkis, a bride looks simply stunning with the ethnic gold or kundan earrings that are bound to give her ears a stylish yetcontemporary makeover. Apply the age-old mix and match techniqueto make it go with the bridal lehenga. Take help of the colours (embroidery or stone-work) used in the outfit. From studded diamonds, to emeralds, rubies and south sea pearls, you have a lot of jhumki styles to choose from! However, the trendiest from the lot is yellow gold and pearl made jhumkis.


        Polki neck piece:

        This uncut diamond may cost less than the usual diamond but they sure know how to spell royalty. A favourite Rajasthani trend, a polkineckpiece makes a bigger statement and is quite a trendsetter in the Indian wedding scene. Themeenakari enamelling that’s usually on the back side of polki jewellery represents the traditional Indian art at its best.

        polki necklace setspolki jewelleryIndian wedding jewellery


        Haathphools (translation in English: hand flowers) have been around for decades now, however this year they have made a major comeback. This traditional piece of jewellery comprises of a bracelet or a bangle linked elegantly to one or more finger rings. Haathphools are lavishly covered in diamonds, precious stones, pearls or gems such as kundan, ruby, emerald and come in a variety of designs. An epitome of elegance, one can opt for this jewel in solid gold, white gold, or platinum.

        wedding jewellery

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          5 Latest Designer Sarees for an Ultimate Summer Look

          5 Latest Designer Sarees for an Ultimate Summer Look 0

          Saree has undoubtedly become one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that a lady can have in her wardrobe. You can wear it all year round and carry it with aplomb in a casual scenario as well as at a cocktail party or a traditional function. Whether it’s a wedding celebration or a kitty party, you can practically never go wrong with a saree. It looks graceful and sexy on tall as well as short heighted women. So, without doubt it secures a space in your spring/summer closet.Now that the spring of this year has arrived and summer is on its way, might as well take a look at some really impressive sarees that should be a must-have!

          As you check-out the most stylish options for casual as well as a festive wear sarees, we would like to share top saree trends for 2016 summer!

          1. Designer sarees with metallic accents and embroidery:

          Metallic shades like silver and gold are popular this year and were integrated by many top designers in their saree collection. Gold or silver beading and embroidery look stunning on pastels and soft hues which are best for the summer season.

            designer sarees

            2. Neutral pairing of black and white Sarees:

            If you already have a lot of colors in your wardrobe then try a neutral black and white saree. Although, this combination is not a common summer look, but this classic pairing of black and white can never go wrong.

              designer sarees

              3. Half and half sarees:

              This one is selling like hot cakes. Half and half sareesare the ones where the pleats are in contrasting color compared to rest of the saree. These are available in cotton, silk, chiffon, net, georgette, crepe and Jacquard fabrics.

                designer sarees

                4. High collar or cropped style blouse with printed sarees:

                It’s time to flaunt your toned summer body as cropped blouses are extremely popular this season. You can also go for a high collar blouse with either short or sleeveless blouse. Both these blouse styles are classy and fun when teamed up with summer prints.

                  designer sarees

                  5. Lehenga sarees:

                  Pretty trendy and here to stay for a while, lehenga saree is a summer festive outfit that brings out the stylish yet traditional persona in you. From embellished to heavy to simple, lehenga saree are available in a wide range and depending upon the type of occasion, one can easily wear it to achieve a formal as well as a casual look. Be it a party, wedding, reception or a farewell function, you can choose to wear a cotton, chiffon or georgette lehenga saree with lots of oomph!

                    designer sarees

                    From elegant, soft, vintage, to dark, sexy and ethereal, you can carry different looks on different occasions. Don’t forget to accessorize well! Have a fabulous summer you gorgeous!