Jewellery Manufacturing Process

We are a top-notch custom jewelry manufacturer. We take challenges out of custom jewelry manufacturing for our clients such as designers, jewellers and brands. So we let you imagine and we turn your imagination into real creation. We ensure that your perfect piece is waiting for you.


Design tailored to your needs based on the samples that you provide or original sketches that we develop at your request.

3D CAD (Computer Aided Design)

3D CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) models that maximize quality, minimize the costs and realize your vision.

Rapid Production Prototype

We provide the prototype via 3D printing technology.

Model Making

Using the casting process, the resin output from the CAM is turned into a silver model. The silver model is a replica of a master design that is used to create a large number of comparable items of jewelry.

Rubber Mould

Making molds is an important aspect of the manufacturing process. It aids in the creation of several pieces of the same design of jewelry.

Waxing/Wax Tree

The wax pieces are formed from the rubber molds created from the silver master in this phase. On the commercial wax injector machine, the rubber mold is installed. To make wax models for casting, molten wax is pumped into the mold cavity under pressure.


Casting is a highly complicated process that necessitates the use of highly competent and experienced casters in order to achieve the desired end result. The wax tree is placed in a steel flask and filled with a slurry of chemical powder, which solidifies in an hour.


When you remove the raw casting from the casting tree, you'll notice a little nub where the gold or silver piece was linked to the sprue. The polisher uses a motorized grinding machine to remove the nub, which acts as an abrasive to smooth the surface of the gold or silver piece/jewelry.


Filling with precious instruments to fully achieve the desired product shape.

Stone Setting

Setting by expert craftsmen who excel in placing stones securely and efficiently.


Polishing in multiple stages in order to ensure the perfect finish for every piece.


We provide 14K, 18K white, yellow and rose gold plating and Rhodium plating based on your request.

Quality Control

Quality Control at every stage of production, followed by a final pre-shipment check.


Your intellectual property rights are respected by us. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) would be signed prior to the start of the jewelry manufacturing process. This is to ensure that your unique jewelry design is never shared with anybody else under any circumstances.

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